Director & Arts Advocate

Looking Back....I founded Tottering Biped Theatre in 2009. I directed The Second Life which toured the IMPACT, Springworks, Theatre Aquarius TA2, and In the Soil Festivals. y production of The Santaland Diaries toured 6 Performing Arts Centres in Canada. I've directed for University programmes with Deadman's Cellphone and Men on Boats, and also began the Shakespeare at the Rock series in Hamilton, Ontario, directing A Midsummer Nights' Dream, Macbeth, and the Merchant of Venice; a series which has built to audiences of 2,000+ annually. As an Arts Advocate, I founded the Burlington Arts & Culture Council which brought that City's first funding programs for Artists. The Shakespeare work has aimed to be a significant source of early career employment for theatre artists in Hamilton, working to improve the local theatre ecology and make a professional life in theatre more possible in Hamilton. 

TC Director Merchant of Venice
TC Director Macbeth
TC Director A Midsummer Night's Dream
Midsummer poster
TC Director Award
TC Director Macbeth
TC Director Macbeth
TC Director Shakespeare at the Rock
TC Director TBT Opening Speech
TC Director Workshop

Looking forward to working with more Theatre companies on professional devised and text based projects. I'm also passionate about improving the local theatre ecology through issues such as creations spaces and diversity. Click the photos below for more.


cell: +19056309665

TC Director A Midsummer Night's Dream

Promo shot from 'Midsummer Nights: A Dream' taken at the venue, the Royal Botanical Gardens. It took YEARS to get them to agree to stage the show. It came together in a brilliant rush and, despite the flying by the seat of our pants, it came together beautifully.