Looking forward to finding more production and touring possibilities for original text and movement/text work, as well as adapting work into film, graphic novel, and other published literary works. 

Looking back First Dance (co-created with Jeff Fox and Lisa O'Connell), The Second Life (Pat the Dog Playwright Centre Competition winner), Journey to the East, and Searching for Marceau (Toronto Fringe Cutting Edge Award) are among the plays I developed, usually over many stages. I'm currently working on Variations on a Bowl of Soup (with Johnny Trinh) and Bulfinch's Mythology. A collection of poetry emerged from my work on Carnival of the Animals, due to be published by Dollhouse Publishing in 2021. 

Variations on a Bowl of Soup
Second Life Portrait
TC Playwright First Dance
TC Playwright Journey to the East
TC Writer Carnival of the Animals
TC Playwright Searching for Marceau
TC Playwright Bulfinch's Mythology


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TC Playwright Bulfinch's Mythology

This is a new solo mime/theatre play in development. It's about the relationship between Thomas Bulfinch, an 1880s American Latinist/writer of the famed Mythology translation (and an anti-homosexuality activist/'confirmed' bachelor) and his student Thomas (who he had himself buried beside at his death).